This Poor Pit Bull Was Abused And Used As A Bait Dog. When You See Her Rescue, You’ll Tear Up!

Hope For Paws hardly needs an introduction. This non-profit animal rescue organization has been working day and night for the well-being of animals that suffer from horrid conditions on the streets or in shelters. It was established by Audrey and Eldad Hagar and they have been fostering hundreds of animals in their home for the past eight years.

One of their friends and rescuers working for Hope For Paws – Lisa Chiarelli, called about an injured dog. Her friends had trailed the dog for two hours until it collapsed in a dark alleyway and sat with her till help arrived. They realized that pit bull had was badly wounded and critically injured. Even her face was full of scrapes and scratches. They rescued the poor girl and decided to name her Cadence. It was found that she was used as a bait dog. But thankfully Cadence received a second chance; there are many others who haven’t.

Watch this beautiful rescue in the video below. What are your thoughts about animal-baiting? Share your opinions in the comments!

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  1. Wenn ich dieses Rotbunte Halsband sehe weis ich das ein Tier gerettet wird und mir laufen vor Freude die Tränen ihr seid Klasse und sehr Einfühlsam den Tieren gegen über ich liebe Euch vielen vielen Dank im Namen der Tiere ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Oh Cadence, what a beautiful girl you are – inside and out – that face, those eyes !!! So glad you were saved and met Chance, he`s a gorgeous boy too !!! Here`s hoping you both find wonderful forever homes and know nothing but love and happiness from now on. Hugs and kisses to you both ( and to the AMAZING people that rescued you, they truly are angels. )

  3. I was so touch with this video. I can feel the pain that cadence had gone through. Why are there people like those who made this poor little big dogs as a bait. why dont they do it themselves. They are so cruel, they have no heart. I hope God punishes them> Dogs are dood being. Infact, they are mans best friend. They stick with their family through bad times so why does some people hurt them. She is very very sweet. I hope she’ll find a forever hove and an endless love.

  4. I hope both chance and cadence find a forever home together. They seem to love each other. If I can just have them both, I am very much willing to adopt them. unfortunately, Philippines is so much far from your place and the only thing that I can share to this two lovely pair is my sincerest prayer that they will be loved and cared for by their future family…

  5. I own 6 pitbulls and they are the most loving dogs alive, and are my protectors. I would give my life for any one of them as well. If god created anything better than a dog He kept it for himself.


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