This Cat Looks Normal But When He Turned His Head, I Was STUNNED! OMG!

This cat had a congenital disorder, resulting in duplicate eyes, noses, and mouths – that’s right, the cat had two faces that shared one brain. Marty aptly named the cat Frank and Louie – a name for each face. She explains that Frank does most of the eating while Louie is just along for the ride, as she is without a bottom jaw and an esophagus. Though the cat is odd in appearance, it still acts like a normal feline.

Typically cats with this disorder don’t live very long, as they are unable to nourish themselves, but Marty took it upon herself to tube-feed her cat while it was young. In 2011, Frank and Louie earned a spot in the Guinness World Record Book for being the longest-living cat with the congenital disorder.

Just recently, on December 4th, 2014, the cat passed away at the old age of 15 – an impressive feat for a cat that was nearly put down the day after it was born. Frank and Louie have etched themselves in the history books.

Watch the clip of Frank and Louie, and their owner Marty. Let us know what you think in the comment section. Please SHARE this extraordinary creature.



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