He Could Choose Only A Gift, Either For Himself Or His Family. His Answer? I’m Crying!

How would you feel when you are given the chance to pick up the gift that you have always wanted? Excited right? However the only catch is, you are also presented with a gift you can bring home for you family. Now you can chose either a gift for your family or yourself! Quite a dilemma right? The kids from the metro Atlanta are facing the same situation but you won’t’ believe their reaction to it!

According to the statistics, 83% of the children in metro Atlanta come from low-income households. Which means, these children rarely get the chance to get the gift they really want during Christmas. So UP TV set up a social experiment to see what these kids from low-income households would do if they are presented with the situation where they could choose between a gift for themselves or their family.

Watch this tear jerking social experiment in the video below. Did you expect this outcome? Let us know via comments!

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  1. ya, well they understood. Not that taking from themselves is happiness, as the writing here rather implies, but simply that giving to whom you love is the greatest happiness there is.


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