Clumsy Baby Elephant Falls Off His Bath Tub. But What He Did Next Had Me BAFFLED!

As an animal lover, I certainly can’t resist myself from taking a peak whenever I come across an animal video. This video below is also one of such videos which I don’t mind rewinding again and again for a whole day. In this video, a clumsy baby elephant is having a bath in his modified bath tub. But you won’t get enough of this baby elephant when you see what he does next.

During the bath time, this clumsy baby elephant can’t help but fall off his bath tub. And furthermore, he loves how he falls right into the water. That is why he keeps on getting on and off his modified bath tub while his caretaker showers him with cool water from the pipe.

Watch this crazily happy baby elephant in the video below. Did he make you smile? Do let us know through your comments.

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