Tim Conway & Harvey Korman Can’t Hold It Together When Doing A Skit On The “Carol Burnett Show”

Tim Conway, an icon in the history of TV comedy, has been leaving people in hysterics for a long time now. He got recognition worldwide when he appeared on the Carol Burnett Show. Some people have said that Conway is just as funny off-screen as he is on the reel. This video shares a clip of Conway collaborating with Harvey Korman.

In this clip, Conway plays the captain while Harvey plays a sailor on the ship. Together, they try to prevent their ship from colliding with an iceberg and do so in an extremely funny manner. They also crack each other up, and in the process create a segment that is hilarious, to say the least. Just wait till you see the chemistry between Conway and Korman.

Watch the video below. Did it make you smile? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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