He Decided To Film The Ocean During The Storm. What He Caught? I Can’t Believe My Eyes! WOW!

You never know what to expect from Mother Nature. She is beautiful, but is terrifying at the same time. She can throw surprises when you least anticipate them. Just take a look at this video for instance. Clint Blevins was near Daytona Beach in Florida when he managed to capture this stunning video for us all to see! The clip is going to leave you out of breath for sure!

At first, Clint records a few smaller lightning strikes hitting just off the coast, but then he manages to film a gigantic strike that is much closer! It is rare to get footage of lightning strikes hitting water within a few hundred feet, but wait till you see this. It will send shivers down your spine! What a jaw-dropping sight!

Watch the clip below! What are your thoughts about this? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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