Dad Turned On The Leaf Blower. But Instead Of Getting Scared, Watch What This Deer Did! LOL!

We have seen hilarious videos of dogs, cats, horses and even birds. But rarely do we get to see funny videos of deer. This video features a deer that is known by the name “Bucky”. He is not a farmed deer. But yet, he roams around human settlements as he pleases. Bucky’s reaction when he comes across a leaf blower is just priceless!

Bucky notices that humans in that neighborhood are cleaning up leaves from their backyard. So he gets to the place where all of the cleaning is happening and encounters a leaf blower. Now most animals would immediately flee from the scene after listening to the loud sound from the leaf blower. But not Bucky! He stayed right where he was and started to lick the ‘air’ from the leaf blower!

Watch the video below! What did you think of Bucky? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments!

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