Mom Hears The Sound Of A Whipped Cream Can In The Kitchen & Runs To Find The Culprit

Dogs are such wonderful creatures. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dogs are just great. They’re fiercely loyal, they’re playful, they’re obedient and above all they’re our best friends. They say dogs are the only creature that loves you more than it loves itself. And I wouldn’t doubt that one bit. They certainly know how to make us smile. No matter the situation we can always count on dogs to cheer us up.

This video features a silly yet absolutely adorable little dog. This dog has the time of his life with a whipped cream can. No matter humans or dogs, eating whipped cream straight out of the can is just divine. His mom starts filming when she hears the sound of a whipped cream can. She expects to find her kids red handed but when she got closer to the sound. She saw her dog happily eating whipped cream while cleverly working the release nozzle. Whipped cream isn’t probably the best thing he should be eating but he looks hilarious doing it.

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