She Bashed Her Dog And Threw Him In The Dumpster. But When She Did This? I’m Filled With Rage!


We have seen people working day and night to contribute tremendously to the society. These people deserve all our respect and admiration. But then, there are people that you just can’t tolerate. What makes matters even worse is that they show no signs of guilt and act as if nothing has happened. The woman in this post is one of such people that don’t own up to their mistake.


This woman, named Ashley Dashiell has been reported to have repeatedly bashed her dog, and when she was done, she threw him in the dumpster in Cumberland County, Maryland. People when they saw
Dashiell treat the dog this way, immediately called for help. After help arrived Dashiell surrendered and was taken to the Allegany Detention Center where she was held for $3000. This ruthless woman even smiled for the booking photo.

Take a look at this sadistic person

Image Credit: yousignanimals


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