This Dog Is Chasing An Ambulance. When You Find Out Why, You Will Be In Tears!

If you are one of those that question the loyalty displayed by a dog, then this here will help you shatter your doubts. A homeless man in Goiana, Brazil suffered from an epileptic seizure and was rushed to the hospital. On the way there though, the paramedics saw something that they had never before had the chance to witness.

The man’s best friend, his faithful dog, followed the ambulance on foot. He insisted on remaining by his owner’s side the whole time, but wasn’t let on into the ambulance until much later. As soon the ambulance doors closed, the little dog ran after it with all his might and chased the ambulance despite its speed for several minutes. Eventually he was allowed to come inside by the bewildered paramedics who felt pity on him.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse on this unadulterated friendship!

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