She Was Wakeboarding. But Then? What Came Out From Behind Her Left Me STARING!

Nature is awesome. There are many things that we haven’t discovered in nature, yet even the things we have already seen are cable of giving us goosebumps. Like the colorful rainbow, disastrous yet beautiful lightening; everything in nature is just amazing. However, what this woman witnessed when she was wakeboarding on the sea is something I’d never seen before.

For all the ocean lovers, this video below is a real treat. This woman went wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez right off the coast of Mexico by the crew from Pro-Windsurf La Ventana. She was obviously excited just to be in the water with her wakeboard. But seconds later when dolphins appeared at either side, she was just mesmerized.

Watch this incredible video below. What are your thoughts about it? Drop your comments in the COMMENTS section below!

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