This Little Girl Is Only 8 Months Old. But Watch How She Wakes Up Her Sleeping Brother! Aww!

It is said that siblings have an unbreakable bond; one that remains throughout a lifetime. The video below shares a sibling moment that will surely melt your heart. Mom sees her eight-month-old baby, Remi, moving towards her brother Drew. She senses a precious moment about to take place and gets her camera to record the whole thing.

Remi is fond of her three-year-old brother. She wants to play with him every chance she gets. One day, after seeing Drew dozing off on the couch, Remi decides to wake him up. Her mother helps her a little, and she finally succeeds in her task. The boy after getting disturbed from his nap, has an unexpected response that will warm your heart without a doubt.

Watch the video below! Weren’t they both adorable? Let us know in the comments section!

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