This Little Foal Is The Smallest Horse In The World. Wait Till You See Him For Yourself


Mini horses are probably one of the most adorable animals in the world. When we think of horses, we often picture big and strong animals, but mini horses are have started becoming more and more famous lately. Over the years, selective breeding has made an active introduction of the dwarf gene. Breeders use various kinds of techniques to produce smaller horses nowadays. The horse featured below was a result of this.


This little boy is called Einstein and he is the smallest miniature horse on the planet. Born on 22nd April, 2010 in Barnstead New Hampshire at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, he is just 6 lbs in weight and 14 inches tall in height. He belongs to Charles Cantrell and Rachel Wagner. Einstein has set the Guinness World Record for being the tiniest colt. Wait till you see this cutie for yourself.

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