Pregnant elephant gives birth, then the whole herd comes to welcome the new baby

‘Birth’ is really a wonderful miracle of nature. To witness an animal giving birth to her offspring is a rarest moment that most people are not fortunate to see. But the keepers from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya got to observe this beautiful moment when a previously orphaned semi-wild elephant decided to give birth in front of humans.

Emily, this mother elephant in the video below was orphaned and brought into the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in 1993. When she reached the adulthood, she was successfully rehabilitated into the wild. But on December 23, 2014, Emily came back to the sanctuary to give birth to her second daughter Eva. Maybe she felt secure around the people who raised her when she had no one else to turn to.

Witness this beautiful moment in the video below and let us know what you think about it though your comments.

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  1. These wonderful four-legged relatives have such strong family bonds. And look out for their children so well, passing the wisdom and learning from one generation to the next. Something we two-leggeds are fast denying our own. Beautiful to see.

  2. By nature elephant companions shared their moral support to the mom who gave birth. Nice to have friends who shares support and show the great love to one another

  3. The whole family is celebrating the birth of this precious baby. They also all took part in it’s protection. Too bad so many humans don’t value life as animals do! Animals are so awesome!!!!


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