15 Yr Old Heartbroken Dog Cries After Seeing Family Walks Out With Younger Dog & Leaves Her Behind

Some families abandon their dogs after they get older. 15 year old Cookie was one of these unlucky pooches. A San Bernardino shelter found her as a stray and took her in. Her family was informed, but when they came to claim her, they did the unthinkable. They decided to leave with a young dog and leave poor Cookie behind.

After her family walked out with a new black Labrador pup, Cookie couldn’t help but cry out loud. She didn’t understand what was happening. When news about her situation spread, a rescue group searched a foster home for her. She is going to live in a permanent foster home from now on. She won’t be made available for adoption because of her medical conditions. But hopefully, she will have lots of fun in her new family.

Watch the video below! What are your thoughts on senior dog abandonment? Let us know in the comments!

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