Rescued Dog Does A HEARTBREAKING Dance For People, Hoping To Be Adopted.

In Orlando, Florida you will come across the Orange County Animal Shelter. That’s where the story of this wonderful little pooch begins. Ginger Rogers is a rescued stray held there. It’s hard to catch the eye of every person that’s a potential adopter. However, Ginger has this covered. Every time she sees some one walk by or notice her she puts on quite a show. Watch her as she gets on her hind limbs and stands up straight to dance.

In the beginning, even though Ginger was desperate for adoption she hadn’t had any luck. The animal shelter waived her adoption fee after she tested positive for heartworms. Today, we are happy to inform that the according to the animal shelter’s reports Ginger Roberts now has a home and a loving family. Thankfully the next time she dances it won’t be from the inside of a cage.

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