82 Year Olds Dress In White Tutus. But Wait Till You See What The Grandma In The Middle Does! OMG!

This amazing video has been going viral in the Internet and that too for a very special reason. This wonderful video features a group of 50 seniors from the Julia Wallace Retirement Village who spent an entire week filming this amazing lip sync video to Taylor Swift’s popular song, “Shake it Off”.

It is actually amazing to see these ladies having so much fun. They have prepared this super cool video and have shown their fabulous moves with a little touch of video editing. The energetic dance they perform throughout the video is worth praising. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I watched this amazing video.

These amazing ladies surely know how to have fun. I was so touched when one of the young ballerinas came and helped the 80 year old get back on her feet during the final shot of the video. Watch this video and let us know what you think about it through your comments!

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