Naughty Dogs Bow Their Head With Guilt When Dad Asks “Who Ate My Shoe?”


Dogs are like angels with fur and a wagging tail. They may have hearts of gold, but even they can get up to some mischief every once in a while. They can chew your furniture, shoes, and clothes, basically anything they like. Apart from the physical evidence, it’s not difficult to know if your dog has something bad—the look of guilt on their faces is enough. Just look at the pooches in the following video!


Daniel Martino discovered that one of his shoes had been chewed on and left useless. He called his two dogs before him to question them. The dachshund and the pit bull looked very anxious being interrogated like that. The pit bull couldn’t even bring himself to look at his dad. He hid behind the dachshund, who looked annoyed of covering for him every time.

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