This Donkey Is Not Even 2 Weeks Old. But When I Saw How Energetic He Is? WHOA!

Baby animals seem to melt anyone’s heart with their cuteness. The running around that they do makes them so adorable! Our mood changes for the better when we are around them. You too may have noticed yourself feeling better when you are around baby animals. This video shows a donkey that is full of energy despite being young.

This little guy is only about two weeks old, but he already seems to know more about life than the majority of us. He understands the true meaning of happiness; look at him run circles around his mom. Most people are starting to refer to him as the happiest donkey in the world. His mom watches him through the “fly mask” which is said to keep pests out of her face. The little donkey will soon be running around in an open pasture!

Watch the video below. Wasn’t he adorable? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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