Soldier Meets Dog After A Long Time Overseas. But Its What The Dog Did Next That Touched My Heart

Soldiers sacrifice almost everything for the sake of their country. They even risk their own lives to protect peace. Sadly, these brave souls are deployed to far-off lands and sent on dangerous missions all around the world more often than they would like. Because of this, they are separated from their family and friends. That is why when we see a soldier come back home, we can’t help but be a little emotional.

When this Staff Sergeant finally had a chance to return, he decided to surprise his beloved pooch. He reunited with his family, but his German Shepherd, Harley, had yet to know about his return. When Harley finally shows up in the room his dad is in, he reacts in the sweetest way ever! You are going to be moved at this duo’s interaction with one another! The clip was also featured on Good Morning America Live.

Watch this adorable video below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments!

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