She Was Filming Her Pregnant Hedgehog. Now Watch When The Hedgehog Goes Into Labor! OMG!

Only a few of us get to see living beings giving birth right in front of our eyes. But nowadays it has become easy; all you have to do is search on internet and you will get what you want. This video shows a hedgehog giving birth to her little ones. Just wait till you see this precious moment for yourself!

In 2013, Elaine Wong shared a video of her hedgehog giving birth on YouTube. She had not expected her hedgehog, Coco to be pregnant when she brought her home. Only after the six-month-old animal gave birth to her first baby did Elaine realize that her hedgehog was in labor. The hedgehog gave birth to a total of 4 babies. Elaine says that the babies’ quills popped out and hardened after a few hours.

Watch this video below! Were you surprised as well? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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