A Man Is Riding His Horse. But Wait Till You See The Horse’s Mane – Gorgeous!

Horses are among the most stunning animals we have ever come across. They are capable of making any person turn around for a second look. But do you know there are some horses that are bred to attract attention? The stallion in the video is one of those horses. He is a Gypsy Vanner and is named Austin. Just wait till you see him!

Austin’s breed has had a massive rise in population in the past two decades. They are the size of small draft horses and are known for having a gentle nature. But their mane is the best thing about these horses. It is what makes them look different from the rest of the horses. You should contact a reliable breeder if you’re planning on getting this breed.

Watch the video below. Did you know about this breed? Let us know your thoughts the comments!

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