My Heart Started Racing When 1 Of The Clydesdales Tripped. But Then? You Won’t Believe This!

Horses are a sight for sore eyes. Their beauty and magnificence can rarely be copied. They are also renowned all over the world for their strength and their intelligence. These social animals are also very easy to train, but that doesn’t mean everything goes right during the process. Even when you are working with highly-trained horses, things can take a turn for the worse. Just take for instance, the video below.

A Clydesdale tripped and fell while in a hitch during a demo. Because of that, he and his friends were left in a hazardous position. But that’s their discipline and their training came through. The handlers and the horses worked side by side and saved the event. Even though horses panic during such precarious situations, the Clydesdales did a great job of remaining unruffled. They waited patiently for their handlers to help them, and thankfully, no one was hurt. What a great team they make!

Watch the clip below and share what you thought about it in the comments!

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