Man Sits Across The Horse & Starts Playing The Flute. How The Horse Reacts? Unbelievable!

Many of us feel that music helps us to cope with the stresses we face in our daily lives. You can see quite a few people sitting back and enjoying good music. This might be surprising to some, but animals too love listening to music. As this video shows, the horses in the clip are overjoyed to listen to native music from a flute!

Michael Telapart, to find if horses like flute music, goes to the Animu Luce horse farm in Belgium. He plays a High Spirits Contra Bass Flute in F# for the animals there. The horse nearest to him moves towards the instrument, as soon as he hears the wonderful sound of the flute. All the other horses too seem to find the flute sound soothing.

Watch the video below! What did you think? Let us know in the comments section!

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