Dog Stays Out Of Sight To Avoid A Bath. But When Mom Asks Him If He Wants To Go On A Walk? LOL!


Dogs are renowned all over the world for their loving and affectionate attitude. They are also equally famous for being social and outgoing creatures. Dogs love finding out new things and interacting with new people and animals, so they enjoy going on walks frequently. They an enthusiastic species, aren’t they? But if there is one thing that they aren’t very enthusiastic about, it’s taking baths.


Dogs hate bath time, and this precious pooch featured below is no different. This little guy is called Jackson, and like most dogs, he hates water. When he figures out its time for a bath, he immediately goes into hiding. However, to bring him out of his hiding spot, his mom has to say just one simple word! Wait till you see what happens when she says “walk”.

Watch the video below! Did Jackson bring a smile to your face? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!


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