She was abandoned for not having legs, but she grew up to be a star gymnast

Jennifer Bricker is a trophy winning gymnast. But she was born with a birth defect. She has no legs. That must be the reason why her parents left her in the hospital. But she was adopted by a couple who already had 3 healthy sons. Sharon and Gerald Bricker raised Jennifer as their own.

From the early childhood Jennifer was taught to never say “can’t”. And this made her a really strong person. She never thought anything was impossible for her. And she was right.
With all the trophies, success and confidence, she was content with her life. But, when she was 16 she found out a huge family secret!!

Watch the video below to know this inspiring story of a Gymnast who proved that nothing is impossible! Do let us know your opinions through the comments.

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  1. Jennifer, you are one amazing woman!!. You inspire many!!. I was never blessed with any children. I would have been proud to be your father too. You are a beautiful woman. Stay just the way you are. I enjoyed your inspiring story.


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