Dad Wanted To Talk To His Frenchie. But How The Puppy Reacted? This Is Too Cute To Handle!


Regardless of what people think, talking to our pets at home is not at all a weird thing. In fact, many of you may have a “chat” with your animal now and then. The conversation gets really exciting when they listen and reply to you. The French bulldog in the video has done just that. Just wait till you see him “talking” back to dad.


Dad loves having a chat with his Frenchie called Jim. In this video, he has recorded himself in a conversation with his dog. As you see in the clip, this pooch is ecstatic to talk with his owner. He barks in the cutest way and tries to interact with him from time to time. Just wait till you see this adorable dog for yourself!

Watch the video below. Did it melt your heart? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!


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