Poor Dog Was Held Hostage By A Kangaroo. Now Watch What THIS Man Did To Free Him—OMG!


A group of hunters got together to fulfill the wish of a boy suffering from terminal cancer. His last wish was to catch a 100 kg (220 pounds) boar with his dogs. For this reason, they traveled to Outback, Australia with trained dogs. While hunting, one of the canines chased some pigs by scent and encountered a big buck kangaroo.


The kangaroo held the dog and wrestled him by its protective gear. The dog’s owner when he saw this, hurried to the scene to help. He didn’t want to hurt either of the animals. That’s when the roo released the dog and approached the man to attack him. A roo’s kick is so dangerous that it could disembowel humans easily. The man tried to back off many times but still found himself getting approached by the kangaroo. So to protect himself, the 6-foot 7-inch man landed a punch on the roo’s face. The boy Kailem lost against cancer, but this incident will always remain a treasured memory for his families and friends.

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