Every Time Dad Tells Her To Wake Up, Keep An Eye On THIS Cat’s Expression—ROFL!


If there is one thing that cats love more that treats, it is sleeping. Cats sleep for most part of the day. An 18 hour sleep span is a lot, if you ask me. How do they manage to squeeze in eating, playing around and plotting various things with just a few hours at hand? The following video shows just how reluctant these critters can get when it comes to waking up!


The cat was asleep on the bed without a care in the world. When her dad comes to wake him up, she ignores him at first. After some persistent poking and prodding, she reluctantly replies. Of course she’s not really “talking”, but the conversation has been made to look like she is! He even tries to motivate her to wake up by telling her he’ll give her tuna, but she really prefers sleeping over everything!

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