Little Girl Starts Playing On The Snow. But When Her Lifeless Snowman Comes Alive? OMG!

Building a snowman is the most entertaining thing a person does on Christmas. Let’s be honest- we all have built a snowman at one point in our life. The little girl in the video is a huge fan and creates a snowman on Christmas. But little does she know her life was going to have a drastic change. The video shows the story of a girl and her snowman.

One cold afternoon, Lily builds a snowman. Her snowman comes to life, and they start enjoying each other’s company. They soon become best friends, and Lily even puts him in the freezer to protect him from the heat. However as Lily grows older, she slowly forgets about her friend. She gets caught up in a ton of responsibilities and doesn’t find the time for her snowman. This clip will without a doubt, touch your heart.

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