I Was SURPRISED When This Giant Ray Swam Towards This Diver. But When I Knew Why, I GASPED!

When three divers were diving in the waters of Bat Islands, Costa Rica, a huge female Manta Ray approached them. They were mesmerized by the appearance of this underwater giant, but soon enough realized the reason this Ray was swimming towards them. It was entangled in fishing net and was desperately trying to get out of it.

Almost all of the fishing nets are made of plastic. These plastic nets pose threat to many underwater animals. Once entangled, these animals suffer from limited mobility and infection, often leading them to starvation and death. 80 percent of marine waste is compromise of plastics and these pose great hazard for the aquatic animals.

Watch what these divers do for the Manta Ray entangled in fishing net. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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