This Lynx Is Not Completely Domesticated. When A Man Tries To Wake Him Up, Watch What Happens!

The Canadian lynx, commonly known as Canada lynx is a gorgeous mammal of the cat family. They are huge and may appear a little scary to some people. This lynx is named Max. He was born at a zoo in May 2011. According to his owner, Max is not completely domesticated, but not wild either. This feline is an educational ambassador that educates people on the endangered Canada lynx.

Max’s owner says that Max weighs around 34 pounds in the winter and 40 pounds in the summer. He had 4 inches of fur when this video was made. The owner also tells us that his cat has his own outdoor and indoor housing. In this video, we can see him getting petted by his dad. He seems to be liking all the affection, doesn’t he?

Watch the video below. What did you feel about Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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