These 2 Huskies Are At The Park. When One Of Them Starts Ranting, Watch What The Other Does! LOL!


Who doesn’t know Mishka? This husky is already a celebrity on the internet! You may have seen some of her adorable clips yourself. It all started when the video of her “talking” with her owner, got posted online. Since then, we have gotten to see a lot more of her. The clip below shows Mishka in a serious conversation with her sibling, Laika.


As you know, many people are starting to prefer cats over dogs. Mishka is not happy about this, and she doesn’t understand why the felines are getting so much attention. So starts ranting off about this situation to Laika. Poor Laika has got no choice, but to listen to the complaints from Mishka. You’ll crack up without a doubt, after listening to her angry outbursts!

Watch this video below! Wasn’t Mishka hilarious? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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