Dog Sees A Kitten In Her Dad’s Hand. But Its How She Reacted Next That Stole My Heart! Precious!

Cats and dogs are two of the most incredible animals on the planet. But the world is often divided into those who love dogs and those who love cats. People tend to think these two species can never get along together. But videos like the one featured below are proof that cats and dogs can indeed be friends.

Francisco Xavier Orozco found an abandoned kitten one day. Since the little feline was left on her own, he thought it would be best if he raised her by himself. So he brought the kitten home. The video below shows him introducing the newest addition of his family to his one year old pit bull mix, Molly. I couldn’t stop my smile when I saw how Molly reacted to the kitten! Francisco writes in the description that this video is proof that pit bulls can be the sweetest dogs in the world if raised correctly.

Watch this heartwarming video below!

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