Monkey Walks Into A Bar. But When He Starts Telling THIS Joke To The Bartender? ROFL!


With the hectic life schedule we have nowadays, it has become almost impossible to take care of ourselves. But did you know that laughing has a beneficial effect on the body? So whenever you get the time, you should listen to jokes to enjoy a good laugh. And what better joke than the classic ones that start with someone walking into a bar?


A monkey after entering a bar walks up to the bartender to tell him a joke. The joke is about a penguin that goes to the mechanic after his car breaks down. To pass the time he goes to buy an ice-cream, but clumsily spills it on his feet. When he goes back to where the car is, the mechanic notices his feet. Then they have the funniest conversation of all time!

Watch this video below! Did you end up laughing too? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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