Mama Moose Came Into Their Yard With Her Baby. But What The Baby Did Next Left Them In Stitches

There is not much difference between human babies and animal babies. Both are adorable, and both are very carefree. We love watching their silly antics, don’t we? Their charm manages to bring a smile to our face every time. The video below features a cute little baby moose that is going to melt your heart in an instant!

This family was hanging out inside their house when they saw a big mama moose and her small baby enter their yard. They watched them from the window, but then they decided to have some fun. So they opened up the sprinkler. The mama moose didn’t give much reaction, but the baby was a totally different case all together! Wait till you see how much he enjoys the water!

Watch this sweet video below! Did this make you smile? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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