Poor Parakeet Was Rejected For Looking Different. Now Watch What THIS Lady Did For Him Next—WOW!

Being judged by the way one looks is very sad. People around you are quick to make snap judgments based on appearances. You get bullied by peers or strangers and the ones you can resort to are family and friends. But what if your own parents ostracize you for the way you look? The parakeet in the following video was rejected by his parents. It was heartbreaking, but his story does have a nice ending.

Whipper the parakeet is a mutant. His feathers are longer and curlier than most parakeets because of his genes. His unusual appearance meant that he was rejected by his parents as well as other parakeets. Luckily, he met a kind lady who immediately took to him. She adopted him and they made fast friends. Whipper never fails to turn heads wherever he goes!

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