Dad Sits On His Dog’s Favorite Spot. But The Way The Husky Protested Is Making Everyone Smile

There are lots of different dog breeds on the planet. All of them are so different from each other, yet so similar. Different dogs are known for different characteristics. Take for example, the husky. These dogs are admired everywhere for their distinctly beautiful appearance. Another thing that they are famous for is their “talkativeness”. Nala is the perfect example.

This adorable white Siberian husky is a very disciplined and well-behaved pooch – that is until you sit in her favorite spot on the couch. Nala loves her spot and she doesn’t want to share it with anyone, not ever her dad. However, her dad tried to test her patience one day. In the video, we get to see her reprimanding the poor man for sitting on her beloved spot. Wait till you see this!

Watch Nala’s reaction below! Did this crack you up? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section!

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