Owner Leaves Her Dog In A Hot Car For 7 Hours, Police Did Everything To Save Him


Despite a continues effort of the police officer and bystanders to rescue her, the poor doggie took her last breath in the pavement of Birmingham suburb of Trussville, Alabama.


The recent report disclosed that the owner parked her vehicle outside the Walmart at 4 am. She went out to carry on with her daily schedule, leaving the poor dog inside the vehicle. She was suffocated for seven hours until he was removed from the car.

The video shows a worried crowd trying to evacuate the dog from the car with the police.



Despite the police’s request on disperse, no shoppers moved away and tried everything to help this poor soul. ‘I wanna make sure the dog’s okay,’ Guthrie says from behind the camera.

After an endless effort, the police finally was able to break the door and evacuate the dog from the heated car.  The dog was later recognized as Sky, a 7-year-old pitbull-boxer mix.

The police took some time to get her outside the vehicle securely. They immediately laid her in a white paper towel at the pavement. It was a scorching and sunny day.

One of the good samaritans bought some ice and layed it around the dog’s body. The rubbed his belly with the ice water.

“Come on, baby. You can do this.”: said one of the shoppers.

The bystanders gave some shade with a blanket protecting her from the heat.  But, despite the continuous effort, Sky took her last breath in the pavement.

Guthrie told the Associated Press:

‘There were so many people standing around, really pulling for this dog, and the outcome was not what we hoped for.’


Guthrie later wrote on her facebook that they tried to open the window so many times. They used tire iron, flashlight, and other items before the actual footage.

They tried to page the car owner multiple times inside the store but got nothing in response.

‘No one is to blame except the owner,’ Guthrie wrote.

34 year old, Stephanie Shae Thomas, was later identified as the owner of the pit bull mix, Sky and the vehicle. She came to the car and an hour after the incident.


“Ultimately, I killed my dog,” Shae Thomas said through tears. “I can’t change that. I want to, but I can’t. JUST THINKING ABOUT WHAT SHE WENT THROUGH THE LAST MOMENT’S SHE WAS ALIVE,” THOMAS SAID. “SHE HAD TO BE WAITING FOR ME TO COME OUT THERE AND HELP HER. AND I DIDN’T.”


Upon further investigation, Thomas was found to be a long-time drug addict. She denied the accusation saying, she stopped taking heroin four years ago but still takes suboxone. Thomas also claimed that she is bipolar and recently ran out of medication. But that does not explain the cruelty.

Thomas is now facing a felony charge for animal cruelty and fined with $25,000 bond. She was arrested by Trussville Police late night Thursday and transferred to Jefferson County Jail.


Share the video to every dog owners to warn the danger.


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