This Baby Panda Is Adorable. But Wait Till You See Him With His New Toy! AWW!


Zoo workers have one of the awesome jobs in the world. All day long, they get to work with some exotic and interesting animals and their adorable babies from across the globe. It is so alluring that sometimes I envy them. In this video as well, these workers at the San Diego Zoo are examining Xiao Liwu, a Giant Panda cub. Needless to say, this baby panda is adorable from head to toe.


This video features, Xiao Liwu during his examination. He is given a plastic green ball and other similar toys to test his coordination and development. But he seems to especially adore the plastic ball. That is why he continuously clings on it. He looks so happy to roll around and play with all of these great new toys.

Watch this adorable baby panda in the video below. Did this make you smile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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