If You Are A Pet Parent, Don’t Miss This Video, Because It Can Save Their Life

CPR is a very important procedure which helps provide artificial ventilation to the body. It keeps the brain functioning till the patient receives proper care. Everyone must learn how to do it. Some of us learn it in school, while some of us go to classes to be familiar with it. Millions of people have been rescued thanks to CPR, but not many people know the importance of learning how to do CPR to pets.

Animals are curious and they chew and swallow almost everything lying around the house. Sometimes, they can choke on it. To prevent further damage, Elaine Acker, former CEO of Pets America, displays a CPR technique in this video that all pet owners should know. It works the same way with cats as well as dogs. You just need to adjust the depth of your compression, just as you would with an infant vs. an adolescent in human CPR.

Watch the useful video below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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