Owner Walks In On A Huge Mess. When He Questions His Huskies About It, Watch What They Do…

Only dog owners understand the difficulties that may arise while raising a dog. You can even say that dogs and children are similar to some extent. You have to worry about a million things, one of which is the mess in your home. These dog owners had to go through something similar. When they were not around, their Huskies made a huge mess in the hallway.

Meet Phoenix and Dakota – the two adorable huskies in the video. They are hiding a lot behind their innocent faces. Their owners when they enter inside, are surprised to find a messy hallway. So they start questioning their dogs about what happened. Upon getting approached, both these dogs start howling. From the looks of it, they sure do look guilty, don’t they?

Watch this video below! What did you think of Phoenix and Dakota? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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