When She Asked Her Dog If He Is A Good Boy, I Wasn’t Expecting Him To Respond Like THIS! Aww!

You will be grinning widely when you see what happened when this handsome American Pit Bull Terrier wandered in front of his owner. I really couldn’t stop smiling when she started asking him questions and he began answering them. His reaction is so freaking precious! This pit’s interaction with his mom is impressive and the way he can respond to her questions is even more remarkable!

Pit bulls are known to be sport dogs. They were used for dog fights and this has led to a common stereotype of them being nothing but brutal and aggressive…which is completely false. It’s the upbringing that really determines the behavior of any animal. Just look at this adorable dog for example!

Watch this cute and hilarious compilation in the video below! What are your thoughts about it? Share them with us in the comments!

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