He Never Believed When His Wife Told Him About This. But The Truth Blew Him Away!

This husband seems to be having the most amazing time of his life seeing the moves of his children on his wife’s baby bum. He is finding it unbelievable that he is being able to see as well as feel the movement of his children on his pregnant wife’s belly. As his beloved wife is pregnant with twins he decided to capture this much precious moment by filming.

He is so awestruck by the movement of the babies on his wife’s belly that he is finding it tough to get enough of that. He shot the clips and compiled them into a single one and came up with this amazing video so that the whole world could view it too. Watch this video till the end as you’ll get to see the movement from his wife’s perspective in the end.

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  1. This is so important to the Mothers that you men
    Understand why your wife is so tired she is keep
    Awake most nights by your baby kicking her .
    Be more helpful and understand her moods .

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I was not able to carry a child, my daughter is adopted. I love her very much, but have always felt I missed out on feeling her kick inside me. This is a beautiful vidio.

  3. I think this so sweet and beautiful to see a living beautiful baby moving around in mommy’s belly knowing he or she are going to see each other soon.it’s a joy knowing that that baby is going to be in your arms so you can kiss her or kiss him and let him know are her are both how fun it was just to see you move around is so wonderful feeling to give life.


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