Poacher Shot Him On The Head. But Its What This Elephant Did Next That Brought Tears To My Eyes


Elephants are peaceful creatures. These graceful animals are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very intelligent. They are also known to be very social. But sadly, they have been the victims of hunting and illegal poaching for a long time now. The poor creatures have been slaughtered in the name of medicine and money, even though there are laws forbidding it. Pretty Boy was one of these victims. But thankfully, he lived to tell the tale.


The poor elephant was shot in head by a sick poacher one day. But thankfully, the bullet missed the fatal “kill spot” and lodged itself a few centimeters above it. However, this didn’t mean he was safe. When Pretty Boy realized the trouble he was in, he himself approached some humans to ask for help. He was then tranquilized and x rayed. The bullet lodged in his skull had become deformed and infected and he had to undergo surgery to remove it.

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