Tiny Girl Is Getting Adopted. Now Watch WHO Walks In From THAT Door Behind Her! WHOA!

When Danielle was 5 years old, she was adopted by a nice family. But in her adoption hearing, she got the most special surprise ever. Her foster care case manager knew how much she loved princesses, so she asked a coworker to come dressed up as Cinderella for the adoption hearing. However, the news travelled fast and Danielle got more than she could ever hope for.

As the hearing of the adoption started, judge asked Danielle if it was the adoption hearing of a princess. Instantly Danielle nodded! Then the judge took off her robe and transformed into Snow White. But more surprises for Danielle was yet to come. Keep your eyes on the door behind her.

The smile on Danielle’s face when she got the surprise was priceless. This just made my day. What about you? Let us know in the comments!

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