Horse Does Something Silly. But You’ll Be In Hysterics When You See What The Camera Caught Next…

Horses are one of the most stunning animals on planet earth. They are not only gorgeous, but they are also renowned for being strong and intelligent creatures. There are many different horse breeds in the world. All of them tend to have different personalities. Some of them are calm and collected, while some of them are really goofy in nature. And the horse in the video below falls in the latter category.

This cute guy is named Root. What he does in the video is going to leave you confused as well as amused. He was in his stable when his owner arrived to check in on him. What she saw next left her in hysterics. Root was continuously smacking his lips together and he didn’t stop no matter what! He had just been fed and watered, and was getting a relaxing bath while this clip was being filmed. Many assume he reacted that way because of it.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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