Senior Dogs Were Left Behind By Their Families. But What SHE Did For Them? You’ll Break Down!

Like humans, animals too grow old and suffer from different health-related problems. Sometimes, owners leave their dogs’ side after not being able to tend to their care, while other times dogs go on to outlive their owners. In such cases, dogs end up in shelters or get moved to a new home.

House With A Heart is a pet sanctuary that has been proving care to the aging dogs with no family. Sher Polvinale runs it in Gaithersburg, Maryland. With the help of her coworkers, Sher is taking care of more than twenty dogs. They are trying everything in their power to make sure that these dogs feel at home.

“We have dogs come to live with us until the end of their life, and we make sure that the end of their life is full of love and caring [and] lots of attention, and [we] make sure they get all the medical care they need,” says Sher.


Many of the dogs in the sanctuary arrived from shelters, or from owners who retired to nursing homes or passed away. The sanctuary ensures that these dogs get a loving home and they won’t be passed along to any shelter or to a new owner who is unable to provide for their needs. Even though they might not be with their previous owners, they are still getting the love and care that they deserve from the sanctuary.

“This is the end,” Sher says, “but it’s a happy end.”


The medical expenses of the dogs in the sanctuary are expensive, but they are covered by short-term care plans and donations from supporters.

Even for dogs with walking impairments, House With a Heart provides room and equipment to play and exercise.


Thanks to them, Spencer, in the picture below, will be making a miraculous recovery.


Every morning, Sher gets up at six. She starts feeding the dogs and gives them their medications. Until the end of the day, she gets busy looking after their needs.


Volunteers arrive later in the morning to help with housekeeping and grooming. They also play with these senior dogs.

Sher doesn’t usually leave the house because of the big responsibility towards the dogs. She feels that the ultimate fulfillment is being able to take care of these dogs.


Harriette Sackler, the vice president of the House With a Heart, is responsible for the transportation of dogs in cases of emergencies or visits to the vet.

“One of the duties that I like least is I am usually with the dogs when we say goodbye to them. We always want to be there with the pets, we never let them leave this world alone. They’re loved until the very last moment and beyond.”

To remember the dogs that passed away at the sanctuary, House With a Heart has created the “Stairway To Heaven,” a collection of photographs of each of the dog.

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