Every Time This Dog Starts Eating, Watch What His Bird Friend Does. THIS Is Simply Hilarious!


With the help of internet, it is not hard to find amazing stuff that exists all around the world; interspecies relationship and their communication being one. This video below also shows one of the most enchanting interspecies relationships which will leave you in hysterics.


This following video shows a little bird and her best buddy, a dog. Whenever this giant dog eats during his meal time, this little bird can’t help but dedicate a song for him. This bird continuously whistles for this big dog but in return he doesn’t get any response. This dog doesn’t mind his bird friend singing for him while he is having his meal, but he is not quite impressed by this bird’s vocals as well.

Watch this video below. Aren’t they just adorable? What do you think about their unique friendship? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. First of all that is not just a little bird. It’s a Cockatiel. They can be real characters. I raised them for a couple years and had 3 for pets. A variety of personalities.


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