Six Brothers Meet Their Tiny Sister For The First Time. But Their Reaction? PRICELESS!

It is really cool to have siblings around the house. It is especially awesome when you are the youngest. Believe me, I am the youngest too! In this video below, six elder brothers are meeting their youngest newborn sister for the first time and their reaction is just too priceless! Your heart will totally melt when to hear what they have to say about their sister!

Lair Brothers are all too excited to meet their baby sister. It is the first time Lair family is having a daughter in their house and everybody has their own plan for their baby sister. They all love this baby and they don’t plan to hide this love. They are all stating that they would be her protector and it is absolutely precious!

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  1. What A beautiful family,The baby will be so spoiled by those six brothers.They all love her.Six pair of eyes watching every move she makes.Oh God I feel sorry for her when she grows up.


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